Upholstery Cleaning Jacksonville

Superior Furniture / Upholstery Cleaning Services in Jacksonville

Upholstery is the place where you can spend most of the time while staying at home. You read your favorite book or take naps after tiring from your work on your sofa and couch upholstery. Moreover, at the time of family meetings, your upholstered furniture is used to play games, to talk, or to have food on it.

Did you ever think what happens if this upholstery remains dirty? Even it cannot imagine how much germs and bacteria do you inhale on the whole day.

Therefore, it is important to clean your upholstery in a proper way to remove all stains, bad odors, and germs. For this type of cleaning, it is always recommended to take the help of professionals. While looking for professional furniture/upholstery cleaning services in Jacksonville, Duval Floor Care is the utmost choice.

Why Do We Stay A Hand-picked Choice Among Our Clients?

The upholstery of your home is already filled with germs and bacteria in it. When you clean this upholstery by using toxic chemical products, they will absorb more harmful chemicals in it.

But, do you keep a vision for green cleaning? If you use eco-friendly cleaning products, then your home environment can be kept healthy and germ-free. We at Duval Floor Care provides the detailed upholstery cleaning services in Jacksonville by using environment-friendly products.

Know Our Unique Features of Upholstery/Furniture Cleaning!


  • Give a 100% guarantee for stains and odor removal.
  • Provide 24×7 hours of service.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products while cleaning.
  • Experienced and Well-trained professional staff.
  • Select the perfect cleaning method suitable for upholstery fabric.
  • All cleaning provided using a high powered truck-mounted system.
  • We are Certified and Insured.

Get The Idea About Our Upholstery/Furniture Cleaning Process!

  • In the Pre-inspection step, we thoroughly inspect your upholstery fabric material to select a suitable cleaning method for it.
  • Then, we test your upholstery material using the fabric dyes made from our green cleaning products to check the color-fastness feature.
  • Next, we proceed with our truck-mount cleaning system to extract all the dirt and soil particles from your upholstery/furniture.
  • After the soil extraction step, our eco-friendly cleaning products are applied to your upholstery.
  • Then, further stain and spot removal processes are carried out.
  • Finally, the fabric drying step is performed after the cleaning process is completed.

Reach Us Today For Professional Furniture/Upholstery Cleaning Services In Jacksonville!

If you wish to have a fresh and healthy environment in your house, then use green products for your upholstery cleaning. We at Duval Floor Care offers the best professional furniture/upholstery cleaning using green products.

We provide eco-friendly upholstery cleaning in Jacksonville and nearby areas for years. As we stay open 24×7 hours, you can reach us anytime by a call at (904) 437-3832. So, hurry up and pick up your phone to book the green cleaning appointment today!