Carpets are a popular flooring option for many residential and commercial spaces. This is because they are soft and warm. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the carpets while preserving its look for years. However, it is also important because, over the years, dust, mold, and fungi get trapped inside the carpets which cause infections. 

With carpet cleaning and sanitizing services, you can get healthy and soft carpets as they were at the time of purchase. It helps you maintain good health in your home and office. The overall goal of cleaning and sanitizing service providers is to provide a safe environment for your family members and employees. 

Process Involved in Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing Service

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Commercial Pre-vacuum
  • Furniture Moving
  • Pre-spray
  • Pre-spot
  • Pre-grooming/Agitation
  • Soil Extraction and Rinse
  • Neutralizer
  • Speed dry
  • Post cleaning inspection

All these are the steps involved while restoring your carpet look. While performing the process the experts use hospital-grade disinfectant to sterilize your property and make it germ-, mold-, and allergen-free. 

Significance Of Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing

With carpet cleaning and sanitizing service, you can reduce respiratory diseases, allergies, and infections. For your office, it will increase employee productivity and in your home, your child can safely play on the carpet floors. 

Overall, only cleaning your carpet is not enough to deal with bacteria, but disinfecting is also equally important. 

Top Carpet Cleaning and Disinfecting Service Provider

If you want to eliminate germs and bacteria from your carpet while getting a healthy environment in your home and office, then hire carpet cleaning and sanitizing services. At Duval Floor Care, you will get quality carpet cleaning service in Jacksonville, FL that helps you sterilize your dirty carpet. For further more information, kindly call us at (904) 437-3832 or follow us on Facebook.